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Hey there. I’m Greg Vennerholm (or Venny as nearly all my friends call me). PurposeCreative is my personal design brand. For more than 30 years I’ve had the great fortune to work in the consumer brand space on many large-scale digital engagements. I’ve also led creative efforts on several conferences (digital, environmental, and merchandise). So I feel right at home here.
CAREER | I’ve spent most of my career in the agency and studio world, building and managing teams of incredibly talented art directors, designers, writers, developers... you know, creative folks. And I love creative folks. I love the messy process of ideation, development, and refinement, and seeing how it all yields something beautiful that didn’t exist before.

I’m currently managing director of a creative firm with offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Atlanta, Georgia, serving many of the world’s largest and most admired brands.

SPEAKING | I’ve been honored to speak at at conferences on design, communication, and entrepreneurism, sharing bits of my experience and insights I’ve picked up along the way. If I can be of assistance, don’t be shy... send me a DM on social and we can connect! (Audio samples are available for your review.) I’ve worked for Ford, NASA, Coke, Victoria’s Secret and one of the country’s largest churches. The one thing they all have in common? Ah...you have to wait for the presentation. But yep, I have a few stories.

EXTRACURRICULAR | On occasion, I’ll jump in a help a non-profit, small business, or friend with a project and do what I can to move the ball forward. I have connections in nearly all facets of getting design and interactive work produced, and I’m all too happy to share them as needed. I can provide samples for review once I know what the need is... it’s just easier that way... we’ll get to know each other and then I can really get a sense of what would be helpful to share.

Let’s Connect | You can find me on most of the usual spots. Feel free to drop me a line on any of them.
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bonus points | I LOVE to talk Disney. To be more specific, Walt Disney World park trouing strategies and unique spots to enjoy. If you share my affliction, let's connect!