That doesn’t suck.

So, the designers I work with have kept a short list of quotes from each of us  in the office. Often times my critique offering is “well, that doesn’t suck.”

Okay, admittedly, that might not sound like high praise… don’t be too quick to judge. There’s a story behind the phrase…

When I was a younger, I suffered from the same affliction many young designers suffer from: an over-inflated sense of self worth. That’s not to say that having confidence in one’s own abilities is a bad thing… far from it. But, let’s be honest… experience often brings wisdom, and I did not yet have that. Please, don’t hear me saying that I have it now either… but, years of experience does bring a few time-proven perspectives.

So, here on the job, our leader in the Arts team had a saying that struck me as hard the first time I heard it: “Every idea is born with a noose around it’s neck.”

Wow. Okay. Let that sink in for a minute.

There’s a ton of wisdom there… another way to interpret that idea is (my translation): Your first idea probably sucks. So, that being said, once an idea gets to the point of  being viable, it doesn’t suck.

Congratulations! That doesn’t suck!


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